15 Colourful Living Room Ideas for Your Apartment or Home in 2024

15 best colourful living room ideas in 2024 to level up your interior decoration game. Find inspiration on this blog.


2/1/20245 min read

Say goodbye to the monotone, colorless living rooms. While I have no objections to neutral spaces, I believe they often lack personality and vibrancy. Introducing a vibrant color palette can be an incredibly effective way to express one's individual style... or a plethora of them. According to emerging trend projections for 2024, the desire to incorporate more color into our decor has been steadily increasing, a phenomenon we began observing last year.

Many people choose to navigate this trend by adding pops of color with contemporary abstract art, designer scatter cushions, or bold, graphic rugs. However, there is another category of decor enthusiasts who are willing to push the boundaries even further. Their homes are a reflection of their adventurous spirit. They don't shy away from combining colors on their accented walls, sleek modern lines of their couch, and even the ceiling - combinations that many would not consider harmonious. The complexity lies in their audacious choice to blend colors, which makes their living spaces even more captivating.

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15 Colourful Living Room Ideas for Your Apartment or Home in 2024

Celia's lovely living space from 'Project Jacquard' features bold hues that are sure to attract the eye. The carpet has some color reminders of the blue seen in the backdrop of the shelves, as well as some yellow from the stool. The orange chair is a lovely touch to balance everything off.

Sofie Amalie Rolandsen chose to paint her large shelves in her living room a blue ocean color to evoke the serenity and tranquility of the sea. She also uses red in other places, such on her bookshelves and ceiling lamp.

Color is abundant in Yu Ling Wu's living room, as seen in her rug, wall art, and corn tiny table. Color also comes from her bookshelves, where she mingled books with plants, odd-shaped cubes, and other items that she most likely collected.

Once again, this living area is quite unusual with its single pink and yellow painted wall that instantly energizes the space. Another major feature that significantly contributes to the overall atmosphere of this room is the orange sofa.

Who said you couldn't use darker, more natural hues to create a colorful home? With its mustard yellow chairs, green lamp, and deep wine red carpeting, this mid-century living room is just gorgeous. It's always a yes when opulent wood and these hues are combined.

Ola Zwolenik felt that a mustard yellow couch would go well with a pink wall and it does! She also arranged a wall gallery in various colors to give contrast.

Dark blue and green make a stunning and unique combination in this living area. Again, she matched several wall art pieces, adding a lot of personality to the space.

@ pinterest

This time in softer tones, this gorgeous living room oozes tranquility with its soft golden coffee table, the delicate colors of the vintage and traditional wall pieces, the gold candle holders, and the pink candles.

@ Charlotte Coleman Home. Your Home Style

Charlotte Coleman's living room is decorated with a variety of colors. Everything is colorful. There is almost no black, brown, or white in any ornamental things, even her door. She also added two couches in various rich hues.

Color and patterns, that's how Haley designed her playful living room. From her checkered rug all the way to her yellow wall, color reminders are carefully integrated in her gorgeous space. 

@ Haley Boyko. Apartment Therapy

@ Agi Raw's home. Photography : Anne-Catherine Scoffoni. Domino

What truly differentiates Agi's living space is undoubtedly her wavy-patterned painted ceiling. There's also something extremely relaxing about the environment, which is most likely due to the ceiling, that balances out the straight-lined patterned rug and the imposing yet gorgeous wall art.

This bright and vivid living room attracts more than just the eye. It draws you in, most likely because of all the unique decor you can spot the more you look at it.

@ Interior Design by Sarah Keenlyside (Julien Bastide)

Justina combined outdoor elements with inside objects. However, her burnt orange sofa, blue shaggy rug, patterned coffee table, and colorful cushions all give off savannah experiences.

A rich color pallet of pinks and greens is ideal for a beautiful and soothing living room like this one. The patterned rug balances things out while also reminding us of some of the room's current hues.

Softer hues, such as blue and green, create a relaxing environment in this living area, making you want to curl up with a nice book right away. We can also notice some color reminders here, with the little orange light, oranges on the table, yellow pillows, and a yellow strip interwoven into the carpeting. This living area is certainly a work of beauty!

I hope these 15 colorful living room ideas encourage you to do the same thing in your own house. It certainly did to me!


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