Vintage Lamp Styles for a Retro-Inspired Decor

Bring back the 70s charm and illuminate your space with our spotlight on the best vintage mushroom lamp designs. Take a journey through time with iconic Italian designs featuring Guzzini, Murano, Artemide, and more. We've curated a unique selection of these retro gems, perfect to add a nostalgic flair to your modern interiors.


1/15/20244 min read

Given the growing trend in interest of soft lightning on social media, I thought it would be interesting to discuss vintage lamps, one particular type of lighting! We all understand, then, that lighting is more than simply light; it's also a crucial component of atmosphere and individual flair in each space. A vintage touch can sometimes make all the difference in your home decor — a fact that mushroom lamps exemplify. Conjuring up nostalgic aesthetics, these iconic lighting fixtures exude timeless appeal and add unexpected character to modern interiors.

Vintage Lamp Styles for a Retro-Inspired Decor

If we're discussing vintage mushroom lamps, it's impossible not to mention the iconic Guzzini lamp. This Italian design is the embodiment of the retro flair, with its recognizable shape and pop of color. The playful yet elegant form of the Guzzini mushroom lamp creates a warm, diffused glow, bringing in a sense of cozy ambiance. It's perfect for a living room side table or as a distinctive bedside lamp.

Next up, we have the classic yet chic Louis Poulsen "Ph" Table Lamp. Designed in 1927 by none other than Poul Henningsen, this lamp's unique three-shade system emits soft, evenly distributed light. Its brass or stainless steel construction exudes a vintage charm, making it not just a lamp but a statement piece.

Dialing up the drama is the Laurel Mushroom Table Lamp, taking a 70s inspired look to a whole new level. With its sleek silhouette and glowing globe, this lamp commands attention. It works well with a variety of décor styles, such as modern minimalism or mid-century modernism.

The Murano Mushroom Table Lamp created in the 1960s, with its hand-blown glass assembly, reflects vintage sophistication. Characterised by its rich color tones and organic shape, this lamp can single-handedly elevate your decor game.

The Bilumen "Balloon" lamp adds just the right amount of whimsy to your interiors. This vintage lamp, designed by Yves Christin in 1975, may have an asymmetric form that deviates from the quintessential mushroom lamp style, but it carries the same retro vibe. The diffused light peeping out from the balloon-like shape brings a playful element to your decor.

When searching for the ideal mushroom light, don't forget to have an open mind. Consider your current color scheme, personal style, and décor. After all, the best decor is the one that feels most like 'you.'

A vintage mushroom lamp can be that one accent piece that ties your room together and brings a touch of nostalgia and charm. Illuminate your space with one of these top picks, and you'll see your interiors in a new light!

With their curvy silhouettes and soft glow, mushroom lamps add a retro charm to a modern interior that nothing else quite can.

Guzzini Mushroom Lamp

Carlo Nason is famed for his intricate glasswork, and the Mazzega Table Lamp is no exception. This exquisite piece has a modernistic lotus shape expertly executed in hand-blown Murano glass. Enhancing its vintage appeal are the stunning accents of color swirling throughout the glass. This lamp can enhance the beauty of any space; it is a true piece of art.

The Teti Wall Lamp is another remarkable shaped design. Designed by Vico Magistretti for Artemide, this lamp has a distinct design reminiscent of a mushroom blossoming straight from the wall. Its minimalist style makes it an excellent choice for classic or contemporary room decor.

The Panthella Mini Lamp by Verpan created in 1971 may be small in size, but it creates a significant impact. Its shapely design is delightful, and the variety of available colors cater to all tastes and decors. This lamp can effortlessly turn any spot into a cozy reading nook or add a pop of color to a neutral decor palette.

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