Bedroom makeover guides & remodeling.


Learn how to decorate and design your bedroom & transform it into something you actually feel good in.

Whatever aesthetic you like, I got you covered.

I'll assist you in transforming your room into your dream space, tailored to your comfort and happiness, simply by selecting one of two options and completing a form.


  • Having the room of your dreams.

  • Feeling good and comfortable in your cozy bedroom.

  • Finally having an organized and clean bedroom.

Imagine coming home to the coziest bedroom you have ever set foot in after a long day at work or school

Well, it could be yours! You simply need to follow a few easy steps to create the type of bedroom where you can see yourself relaxing with a movie and feeling amaaaaziing, whether you're with a spouse, best friend, or alone.


dream bedroom


the ART of

Creating Your Dream Bedroom

To help you in your bedroom makeover process, these downloadable and printable Checklist and Workbook will help you in organizing your ideas, making your process easier. 

Instant access to documents upon purchase.

life time access

editable on tablets

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only $5.00

What you will get:

  • 14 different checklists for various categories, accompanied by helpful tips.

  • Additional notes pages for capturing extra insights and details throughout your process.

  • A questionnaire with basic information regarding the space, including your demands and goals for the room.

  • Timeline for establishing delivery windows, completion dates for tasks, and other due dates.

  • A to-do list and shopping list.

  • Some grid and dotted grid floor Plans to plan your bedorom layout.


bedroom makeover guide

What you will learn:

  • How to evaluate your bedroom space and prepare it for a makeover, considering factors like size, shape, and existing decor.

  • Innovative storage solutions to maximize space and keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free.

  • Selecting the right furniture pieces for your bedroom based on style, size, and functionality.

  • Techniques for refining the aesthetic of your bedroom.

  • Practical strategies for managing your budget effectively throughout the makeover process.

  • The principles of color theory and discover how to create a harmonious color palette for your bedroom, setting the mood and enhancing the overall atmosphere.

45 + pages

$15+ value

Create Your Dream Bedroom?

want ME to

Do you

Find a fun way to obtain decorating inspiration. Our questionnaire will provide a unique, personalized result based on your answers to a series of questions about the things you love and your choice of room aesthetics! Our packages are made to fit and complement any size space, no matter how big or little.

Only the 2D and 3D models will be sent to you. This bundle contains no advise or tips.


What you will get:

Bedroom 2D drawing showing your before layout*

Canva PDF document

Bedroom 2D drawings showing different layout ideas*

Bedroom 3D modellings showing before layout + decor

Bedroom 3D modellings showing new layouts with decor ideas**

*not to scale

**The available decor I have in the app and your style determine the number of new room variations, typically 2+ fresh ideas.

only $19.99


$100+ value

Examples of what you will get

If this option is your choice, it's because you want to see your room transformed with captivating decorations. That's exactly what I'll bring to life for you. The outcome isn't contingent on your budget; it's purely for inspiration.

You will first need to complete a questionnaire. Your input regarding the project's scope, style preferences and wish list is invaluable for us to tailor our approach effectively. The more specific you can be, the better we can fulfill your expectations!



Payment will be processed upon completion of the questionnaire. Upon successful payment, I will initiate the analysis process.


You will get your completed document via email from within 10 business days. Check your spam folder, the email could get up there.

How To Process

Note :

  • If you're unsatisfied, we're open to one project revision to address any problem. See our Refund Policy for more information. 

  • Delivery time may vary and could be quicker than 10 days.

Disclaimer: I'm not a certified expert. However, I'm here to share my knowledge and insights gained through my own journey specializing in room decor, aiming to help others along the way.