Grunge Room Essentials: Elevate Your Space with These Must-Have Items

Learn about the top 9 grunge bedroom essentials for the trendiest room of your dreams! Very easy to follow guide for teenagers looking to decorate their bedroom with posters, fake vines for this vintage-rock vibe.


3/28/20245 min read

When I was younger, I had a grunge bedroom, so I had a bunch of posters, fake vines, and weird items scattered about to make it appear that way. And I know a lot of teens prefer their rooms to seem grungier. And there's something really special about these kind of rooms; they quickly make you feel warm, and every time you enter one, you feel as if it's unique to them. I believe that grunge rooms are the ideal places to hang out as a teenager! So let's have a look at what you absolutely need to get this type of bedroom and where you can get them.

Grunge Room Essentials: Elevate Your Space with These Must-Have Items

Let's start by learning where the term 'Grunge Bedroom' originated.

The grunge aesthetic became popular in bedrooms in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It arose from the music and cultural movement known as "grunge," which emerged predominantly in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States, notably in Seattle, Washington. Grunge music, known for its raw, distorted sound and angry lyrics, became connected with a specific fashion and lifestyle image that rejected conventional trends in favor of a more unkempt, thrift store-inspired appearance.

The grunge bedroom aesthetic reflected the grunge movement's attitude by including aspects such as thrifted or DIY décor, damaged furniture, layers of fabrics such as flannel or plaid, and a casual, lived-in feel. Grunge bedrooms frequently emanated a feeling of nostalgia and defiance, with posters of alternative rock bands, old artwork, and varied collections of personal belongings.

David Andrew Laws and Annie Fox performing “Cowboy Mouth” at the Chelsea Hotel.
Photo: Lana Birkin.

Things You Need
Where Does 'grunge' Come From?

Obviously, you saw this coming. Posters are a hugely significant aspect of a grunge bedroom. You must fill your walls with them. They must be large and little, therefore vary their sizes. You may hang them on your walls as you choose. I usually recommend finding ideas on Pinterest.

You can choose posters of your favorite bands, album covers, movies, and celebrities. Alternatively, you may use your home printer to print some great photographs from Pinterest. However, bear in mind that if you do this, your posters may not be as large as you like.

Posters are also available at local retailers and online. Amazon has several excellent starter pack posters to get you started. There is also the Denesio shop, which sells a big selection of posters in various sizes.

Fake Vines

Fake vines are also an important decorative feature in your grungy bedroom. I recommend them from Amazon since you can purchase a lot of them at a lower price.

How to hang them: Use pins or scotch tape to hang them from the ceiling, sometimes lower, sometimes higher, and then pin them to the wall. Try to make it appear as natural as possible, as if genuine vines from the tropical jungle were growing. The best spots to hang them is above your bed or above a reading corner. 

Soft Lightning

Try to add extra light sources to your space. You may accomplish this by purchasing extra lamps or using candles. You should never turn on the big light

Buy your lamps from secondhand stores for a more vintage look, then just replace the light with an orange bulb to create a cozier vibe in your bedroom. You may also buy lights on Amazon. The Salt Lamp and string lights are a popular choice in grungy bedrooms.

Persian Rugs

A rug is essential for making your bedroom seem more warm. Rugs not only provide comfort, but they also offer an intriguing flair to the room. If your bedroom is large, adding a larger rug under your bed is the ideal solution.


If you want to give your grunge room a bohemian feel, plants are essential. They will add to the magical and inviting atmosphere of your space. I strongly recommend using both large and small plants for visual appeal.


The placement of a bookshelf in a grunge-themed bedroom is as important as the placement of posters. Books on shelves serve as more than just places to keep precious books; they may also serve as a platform for displaying a person's taste in literature and areas of interest.

The unique selection of books sparks curiosity and relationships with readers who are drawn to new works or have similar interests in literature. Moreover, in the context of grunge aesthetics, the tattered and torn book spines give the room's overall atmosphere a genuine, lived-in appeal. The worn-out covers and scuffed pages give off an air of antiquity and allude to a serious reading experience as opposed to just decoration.


Some people choose not to use tapestries, although they may significantly improve the appearance of your room, particularly in a grunge bedroom. Plus, it complements your other posters.

You can choose to hang it on your ceiling or on your wall. You can find them on Amazon and Etsy. 

Clothing Rack

If you have enough space, having a clothing rack can be a super fun thing to have to show a little bit of your fashion tastes. Various stores are selling them, including Amazon, Ikea, Wayfair...

Anything Else...

To make your space more unique, collect a few items and just put them on your wall, or display them on your desk or shelves... It can be anything, including rocks, crystals, flowers and etc.

So I hope you got more inspiration now with these tips!