Paint Ideas : 10 Room Ideas That Will Convince You To Split Your Walls Into Two Colors

Transform your living space into a vibrant haven with this ingenious home decor idea. Let creativity flourish and infuse your home with a kaleidoscope of colors. Discover inspiration to revitalize your surroundings.


4/4/20243 min read

I was recently bored with my bedroom, so I looked for ideas on Pinterest and came across one main element that piqued my interest: split-painting your walls! I've been drawn to pink the most, but here are some of the other colors I discovered. If you're bored with any area in your house, this concept can inspire you as well!

Paint Ideas : 10 Room Ideas That Will Convince You To Split Your Walls Into Two Colors

A border of beige and salmon pink divides the bed from the artwork. The color palette is quite harmonious, with green, beige, and soft pink appearing frequently.

Photography by Kasia Fiszer on 91 Magazine

Ola Kawalko and Adrian Martinez Mari, Photography by Aina Costa on In Bed

Elegant and understated bedroom of Ola and Adrian, with pink and green as main colors.

Photography by Cody James, Styling by Merisa Libbey on Domino

This lovely bedroom is highlighted with sunny yellow and vibrant pink, making the area appear brighter than it is.

Bethany has made her living room more cheerful by painting the walls in vibrant pink and blue, which adds to the tranquil and vibrant atmosphere of her area.

By painting half of the wall a dark red, this person was able to highlight this amazing reading corner.

Why not do it on the ceiling as well? I think this hotel room looks absolutely vibrant!

Even though it can give the impression that the space is smaller, I believe the green truly works well with the bedroom's decor.

The bedroom takes the home's bold color scheme to the next level. The ocean blue contrasts well with the terracotta walls.

Architect Mario's project, seen on House & Garden

I like how the blue is a random hue in this bedroom, yet it all fits together and adds something to it.

So, have I persuaded you yet? If you're still uncertain about adding color to your house, check out my previous writings on the subject.

If your walls are already divided with paneling, it will be much easier to see how the split colors will look.

Architect Mario's project, seen on House & Garden


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