Best 20 Holiday Home Decor Gifts: Elevate Every Room with Perfect Presents!

Discover the top 20 holiday home decor gift ideas perfect for elevating any home! From scented candles to elegant wall art and cozy blankets, find the perfect present to brighten up your loved one's home this Christmas.


12/1/20236 min read

Best 19 Holiday Home Decor Gifts: Elevate Every Room with Perfect Presents!

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy than by gifting your loved ones decorations that may change their living spaces into the most beautiful homes? These 20 decor gifts promise to bring joy!

1. Scented Candles

There's something magical about the flicker of a candle. Gift a set of beautifully scented candles in elegant holders so your loved one can have a calming ambiance in their home. 

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2. Wall Art

Art has a way of speaking to the soul. Consider a unique piece or a collection of prints that resonate with their style and personality. 

Is your loved one looking for a danish pastel or scandinavian aesthetic ? Consider these and these.


Or are they looking for a more minimalist aesthetic ? Consider these.

Postery is a great online shop with a wide choice of wall arts! Check their website

3. Indoor Plants

I would be ecstatic to get plants as a present from someone! Just make sure there is adequate lighting in their house or room for your loved one. You can get plants from your neighborhood stores, and I'm sure Ikea has some. Bringing nature indoors can instantly liven up a space!

4. Decorative Throw Pillows

Pillows are great for adding a pop of color and comfort to their sofa or bed with vibrant decorative throw pillows that speak volumes about their style.

See the list of decorative pillows I created.

6. Cozy Blanket

For those chilly evenings, you can never go wrong for gifting a soft and luxurious throw blanket for someone that seeks relaxation and comfort!

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7. Customized Doormat

Give a customized doormat that bears their name or a fun, festive message, setting a cheerful tone right at the doorstep. The best shop to do this is with Etsy, and I found the best seller for an affordable doormat!

8. String Lights

Give string lights to transform their space into a cozy retreat for a magical and enchanting atmosphere.

9. Decorative Vases

I personally love how vases and pots can level up plant decor. I highly recommend gifting this to someone with a green thumb and a home full of plants.

10. Photo Frames

The black minimalist frames from Zara are ideal for achieving that sleek, minimalist vibe. They're perfect for someone who appreciates simplicity. On the other hand, the ones from Anthropologie are absolutely stunning and incredibly unique! If I received those as a gift, I'd be ready to say 'I do' on the spot.

11. Decorative Clock

A unique clock can double as a piece of art while also serving its functional purpose, making for an impressive and thoughtful gift.

12. Decorative Bookends

For book lovers, creative bookends not only keep their favorite reads in order but also add charm to their shelves!

13. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Diffusers offer the perfect way to unwind while creating a beautifully scented home. I personally consider Vitruvi to be among the top-tier diffusers available in the market! They also offer it in different colors.

14. Artificial or Dried Flower Arrangements

A bouquet of flowers makes for the perfect welcoming gift as you arrive at your parents' home for the holidays or visit your boyfriend's family.

@Flourish Day

15. Decorative Serving Trays

Enhance their hosting experience with sophisticated serving trays, ideal for entertaining or displaying items. This is especially fitting for those who've recently moved into a new apartment or home!

16. Decorative Wall Shelves

Chic or funky shelves offer a canvas for displaying collectibles, books, or cherished decorations in a stylish manner!

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20. Customized neon sign

A customized neon sign can be a fantastic and personalized decor gift idea! These signs can be tailored in various colors, fonts, and sizes, making them a standout piece of decor that illuminates and enhances any room's ambiance.

17. hanging macrame shelf

A handcrafted macrame shelf adds bohemian charm while providing a stylish display for small plants or decor items.

18. geometric wall grid

For those dedicated to their studies, a wall grid offers superb organization. Equally, it's perfect for anyone seeking an aesthetic desk setup to showcase cherished photos and create a personalized workspace.

@Kate Mathis

19. marble coasters

Just a really simple gift that can always make someone very happy!

I personally recommend Neonip's customized neon sign. I absolutely love mine that I have ! They provide personalized text options or adorable designs like hearts, moons, clouds, and more!

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