29 Parisian Inspirations for French Bedroom Décor

Discover the allure of French Parisian interior design with this detailed guide. Dive into 30 insightful ways to recreate this chic and timeless style right within the walls of your bedroom. Achieve elegance and comfort that dance hand in hand, inspired by iconic Parisian sophistication. A must-read for all décor enthusiasts looking to elevate their bedroom aesthetics!


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29 Parisian Inspirations for French Bedroom Décor

Ah... France! This country's rich history is intertwined with its iconic fashion scene, food, wine and, of course, style–a trait prominent even in their interiors. Musing over the allure of archetypical Parisian homes, here are an array of 30 exclusive French-inspired bedroom decorating ideas that I have curated for you. 

Thirty Ways to Evoke the Parisian Charm in Your Bedroom

Embrace the Antique

The echos of history are an integral part of Parisian décor. To recreate the vintage aura, add an antique bedside table or an old-fashioned painting.

Go for Soft Pastels

Use gentle pastel colors to decorate your bedroom; consider shades like white, cream, soft pink, light blue, or muted gray. A monochromatic color scheme promotes calm in the space!

Incorporate French-style Furniture

If you want to include signature French furniture pieces, consider 'Bergère chairs' or 'Chaise longue', exuding old-world luxury.

Install Crystal Chandeliers

A fancy crystal chandelier does not only illuminate your room, but it also adds an element of classic sophistication.

Gold Accents

You should use a few subtle touches of gold. It enhances your room's refinement and elegance without making it appear overdone!

Ornate Mirrors

Oversized ornate mirrors not only visually enlarge your room but also add a touch of drama and romance typical of Parisian style. I'd say it is a must-have!

Subtle Patterns and Textures

The key to Parisian style is striking a balance between modernism and classicism. Pastel tones may be calming when combined with bold designs, so make them elegant, modest, and unobtrusive.

Opt for Linen Bedding

Invest in linen bedding to achieve that effortlessly elegant French look with a hint of casual comfort.

Display Books

Parisians are known for their love for literature, so displaying books artistically in your bedroom can be a real French-style addition.

Use Toile De Jouy

Introduce Toile De Jouy, the classic French fabric, in your bed linens, curtains, or upholstered furniture for an instant Parisian touch.

High Ceilings

Parisian homes typically have high ceilings. If possible, a higher ceiling can offer an airy, light-filled atmosphere.

Perk Up with Plants

Garnish your room with indoor plants or flowers. But not too much. Focus on orchids, ferns, roses, lavenders, hydrangeas...

Add Vintage Accents

Inclusion of vintage accents like retro clocks, old paintings or antique jewellery boxes introduces a romantic time-worn appeal. Pro tip : find them in thrift or antique stores!

Install a faux Fireplace

Installing a faux fireplace, if permissible, instigates an old-age charm while providing warmth during chilly days.

Big French Windows

Having well-detailed, large French windows is a distinctive feature of Parisian homes, ensuring maximum light inflow. Remember to open them daily to invite the refreshing breeze into your room!

Enrich with Rugs

A plush rug not only provides cosiness but also anchors your room and complements the overall aesthetic.

Wooden Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone wooden flooring is quintessentially Parisian and initials a rustic flair to the room.

Moulded Walls

Intricate plaster mouldings or panelling on walls are an iconic characteristic of Parisian apartments.

Use a Canopy Bed

Canopy beds with elegant curtains exhibit a royal, luxurious Parisian look, particularly in larger bedrooms.

French Doors

Replacing your regular doors with French-style panel doors can boost Parisian aesthetics.

Opt for Maximalism

Unlike minimalism, Parisians go for maximalism, implementing a harmonious blend of old and new elements creating a busy but inviting atmosphere.

Decorative Curtains

Give a French touch with decorative curtains. You can go for the classic beauty of white lace, the plush feel of heavy drapery, or the charming Toile De Jouy patterns, depending on what suits your bedroom's look and feel.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Create a Parisian reading nook with comfortable seating, soft lighting and a stack of your favourite books.

Achieve Balance in Imperfection

A typical Parisian home is "perfectly imperfect". Celebrate those minor imperfections like faded wood or peeled paint for a matured, lived-in look.

Layer Your Lighting

Use ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a well-lit yet cozy interior. Vintage table lamps and wall sconces can contribute to a Parisian feel, and they feel so chic!

Wrought Iron Elements

The incorporation of wrought iron elements like bed frames or decorative pieces can quickly convey a Parisian vibe.

Upholstered Bedheads

For a plush and sophisticated appeal, go for upholstered bedheads. Choose either leather or fabric depending on your preference.

Transferable Furniture

Parisians have a knack for choosing furniture that can be easily moved and repurposed. This may offer your bedroom versatile options for layout in the future.

Traverse the Trend

Parisians are popular for setting their own trends rather than following them. Decorate your bedroom with items you love, even if they're not the "trendy" selection.

It may seem complex to incorporate Parisian beauty into your bedroom, but the essence is in the details. When combined, these design suggestions can give your bedroom a chic look without compromising comfort. A characteristically Parisian vibe is achieved by the blending of modern and old, the harmony of comfort and elegance, and the playfulness of textures and patterns. Good decorating!

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This blog post contains affiliate links. This means that a commission is earned on the sales of the products linked in the publications. However, there is no additional cost to you. By purchasing via these links, you are helping to support and maintain this site. We thank you for your support!


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