10 Ingenious Ways to Decorate Big Empty Walls in Your Bedroom

Improve the look of your bedroom with our innovative ideas for decorating huge, empty walls. Our guidance provides practical, uncomplicated methods that provide outstanding outcomes by smoothly combining design and function.


4/12/20243 min read

Whether you've moved into a huge loft with towering walls or are confronted with the scary stretches of an oversized bedroom, don't worry. Embracing the challenge of decorating huge, presumably empty walls may result in breathtaking makeovers. In this blog post, we'll look at a variety of inventive methods for bringing personality, warmth, and flair into large, empty areas.

7 Ingenious Ways to Decorate Big Empty Walls in Your Bedroom

The Power Of Paint

Paint is one of the simplest ways to change the look of any room. For big, bare walls, experiment with a dramatic color, create a geometric pattern, or introduce an ombre effect. For kick-off, consider a wall mural if you're artistically inclined. Chaotically arranged colorful abstract lines also present a playfully modern aesthetic.

Create a Gallery Wall

Curating a gallery wall is a fantastic way to personalize your area. Combine framed images, artwork, posters, mirrors, and other one-of-a-kind décor that reflect your personal style. Maintain a consistent element throughout, such as color, frame style, or theme, to achieve a coherent design.

Install Shelves

Shelves not only break up the monotony of bare walls but also provide extra storage or display room. Floating shelves with memorabilia, books or indoor plants will turn your wall something really more interesting.

Use a Large-Scale Art Piece

Often, one large statement piece can have a greater impact than a plethora of smaller ones. It may also make it seem less cluttered or like a jumble of odd wall art. Consider an oversized painting, tapestry, or a carved wooden wall panel that compliments your room's color scheme and style.

Add a Mural or a Wall Decal

Wall murals and decals are a wonderful way to add drama to your bedroom. Choose between natural landscapes, architectural features, or a graphic design that merges with your bedroom's overall theme.

Embrace Textures with Wall Panels

3D wall panels, wooden slats, or brick veneer are fantastic possibilities for adding texture and visual appeal to your large wall; but, these can be more expensive.

Highlight the Wall with Lighting

Well-placed wall-sconce or string lights can add a cozy, whimsical feel to your bedroom, casting interesting shadows and adding depth to your wall.

There are infinite ways to turn your big empty bedroom wall into your space's highlight. Whether you prefer the bold statement of a single large art piece or the personalized touch of a gallery wall, the mantra is to make your large wall tell your unique story. So, get creative and let your wall decor reflect your style and personality.

Photography by Cody James and Styling by Merisa Libbey on Domino

Photography by Alisha Gore and Styling by Tess Thyregod on The Design Files


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